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As most of you already know, we've recently transferred the server over to a dedicated machine running on Debian, and another team has taken over the management of the server. This transfer came with some issues, which we need to correct before we can start polishing and adding new PVE content. **First Week or Two - Fixes/Team Management/Organization/Automatization/PVE** - During this time window we will hopefully correct all of the issues which came with the transfer. - At the moment we are incapable of compiling the server on the dedicated machine. - I know most of you won't understand the the following, but I still feel obligated to write it out. - Our source was recently updated to support C++17, which requires different compiler versions of those we currently have. - The issue comes with linking the the two compilers, gcc and clang. - Before the OS reinstallation, Jamey helped me with setting them up, since I'm not very experienced at working in Linux environments. - This time I would like to try to fix it myself, which should (hopefully) take one afternoon. - We've also started doing some work on the website. - As a temporary solution we will be using BlizzCMS. (__Once we gather some donations we will probably invest in a CMS specific to our server__) - We've already talked to a couple of web developers regarding the matter. - Once the compiler is fixed and a temporary website is set in place, we should be able to start working on polishing our current PVE content as well as adding some new systems which we have in store. - The new systems include, but are not limited to, **Guild Leveling, Custom Maker/Editor, VIP upgrader** **PVE Changes** - __These are still not set in stone, so please give us some feedback on them.__ - In the past, obtaining haste on a haste server was something players had to work hard for. - I remember spending weeks on Eternion trying to reach 1550 haste __(Everything above that used to break it)__ - Every time I received even a small item upgrade I felt a difference in the power of my character and so, we would like to bring that feeling back. - __The current plan is to reduce the amount of haste players receive from all farmable and VIP tiers and to limit the tabard system to allow the addition of only 800 haste.__ - The plan is to have players reach the haste cap once they hit our last farmable tier, have 800 haste on their tabard and get a proc from the farmable trinket (__We know that the trinket needs to be fixed__) **Weeks 2-4 - Balancing/PVP/Advertisement** - For now, I'll shy away from commenting on the PVP and Balancing changes, since we're still not sure which approach we want to take. - Regarding the advertisement, once the PVE content is polished, PVP is somewhat stable, a new website is implemented and a promotional video (Which Loke is currently working on) are done, we will slowly start advertising the server. - I would personally like to keep the server "hidden" for as long as possible until all of the PVE and PVP content is perfected. - However, I've made this mistake on a project once and it ended with the population slowly dying out, so we won't repeat my mistakes here. - We will advertise the server in a somewhat stable, but not perfect, state. - Before we do start advertising it, we would at least like to have some foundation set for PVP content. - During these two to four weeks, while PVP content is being implemented and classes are being balanced, we will release PVE content, probably on a weekly basis, in order to keep the current population from going anywhere. - This new PVE content will probably include 3 new farmable tiers and a couple of world bosses. - We will definitely be running a lot of PVP tests in this time window and we'd like to get some of our players involved in them. - __We might do some PVP events in order to get some data, they will be announced days ahead and will give some exclusive rewards like visuals and mounts


February 08 2019 - 21:39 PM

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